Round/Cylinder Labeling Machine - Custom made to your exacting specifications.

Special Base Price $ 27,500 $ 34,500

Chicago Automated Labeling can make bottle-labeling machines function in a variety of ways in order to meet each customer’s individual needs. However, all of our machines share strong, supportive foundational materials and a tried and tested creation process. Here’s how we build our Chicago Automated Labeling machines.


Each Chicago Automated Labeling machine can label bottles of a large range of sizes, from travel-sized products to five-gallon buckets. We equip the machines with nylon guide rails and optional compressed air powered spacers to ensure accurate labeling for each product along the ten-foot conveyer belt. Finger belt attachments are also available for extra accuracy when placing products.

Your employees can adjust the PLC to several speeds, meaning that they can easily control the product output. It is simple to switch between the 30 preprogrammed settings when changing out the product and label. A simple kill switch allows you to turn off the machine quickly to make any necessary adjustments without wasting products or labels.

While a 20-amp dedicated circuit is ideal, you can operate every labeling machine on a standard 110 to 120-volt dedicated circuit. The power cable features a NEMA 5-15 plug, and you can control all the mechanisms within your machine with the 24-volt power supply. Your employees can easily control individual components through the PLC, even while the machine is running. If your factory is not climate controlled, we will happily enclose the electrical components in a sealed, air-conditioned panel to keep heat, humidity, and corrosion from damaging your machine’s electrical panel.

We Start With a Stainless Steel and Aluminum Foundation

We build every one of our machines with a sturdy, reliable stainless steel and aluminum foundation. The aluminum-framed base features adjustable feet and non-scuff UHMW pucks so that you can shift the machine easily whenever you need to. Each machine is also small and light enough that one person could move it by themselves if needed.

We Add Adjustable Anodized Aluminum Parts

Next, every machine has a powder-coated, anodized aluminum base plate to hold the other adjustment bases for the bottle label applicators to use. Your employees can easily adjust every model by hand to meet all of your specific labeling needs. Additional elements like wraps and spacers are also made from high-end materials that are built to last.

We Include Modular Components

Each unique machine includes modular components to adjust to each of your individual products quickly and easily. Your bottle sizes and shapes may change, but your Chicago Automated Labeling machine’s modular construction will support every one of your products, regardless of size, shape, or type of label.

What kind of customization options can you choose from? Here are a some of our available choices:

  • Continuous Motion Wrap Labeler
  • Flat Bag Style Labeler
  • Finger Belt Attachments
  • Overhead Pressure Belt
  • Print and Apply
  • Spacer Module

We Integrate Software

Each of our machines has easy-to-use software to increase its productivity and accuracy. The Human Machine Interface (HMI) is straightforward and can store up to 30 pre-made configurations, making switching between products simple and efficient.

We Provide Training

After you purchase one our machines, we will provide training in your workplace for your employees. We want you to get the most out of your labeling machine right away. In addition to instruction on how to use your new machine, we’ll also explain maintenance and upkeep so that you’ll know how to keep your machine in excellent condition. If you should need it, we will send a trained technician to your company to fix any major issues.

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